ICMS 2020 Session

Artificial Intelligence and
Mathematical Software


Aim and Scope

The session will cover the intersection between Mathematical Software for exact or error-controllable computation, and Artificial Intelligence (AI). All talks in the session must be on the intersection, but they may focus on either direction: i.e. either (1) using Mathematical Software to improve Artificial Intelligence; or (2) using Artificial Intelligence to improve Mathematical Software.

Topic (1) has been discussed in the literature for a long time but there is now a renewed focus as part of the drive for "explained AI". Meanwhile, topic (2) follows recent parallel develops in the different ICMS communities: computer algebra systems, theorem provers, and SAT/SMT solvers for example have all been recently shown to give an improved performance when heuristic decisions are taken by ML rather than the user/developer. This sessions aims to bring together developers of different mathematical software with a common interest on the intersection with artificial intelligence.

Accepted Talks

Submission Guidelines

If you would like to give a talk in this ICMS session, you must first submit a proposed title and short abstract by email to one of the session organisers. If accepted, you then have the option to submit also an extended abstract to be included in the conference proceedings: these will be submitted to the ICMS easychair page and undergo review. The deadlines and instructions for proceedings submission are on the main ICMS 2020 webpage.


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